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A Prescription For Love

A Prescription for Love - Leeanne Marie Stephenson there's not much positive i can say about the writing in this novel but i do admire the author's commitment to getting her book published. not everybody has the drive to try to make their dream come true.

the basics: it's a romance novel which hearkens back to the earliest tropes in the genre: the heroine is a nurse, and there are doctors around who are attracted to her. there are complications: both medical and romantical. the writing is kind of astounding -- see other reviews for direct quotes because i passed on the copy i read to another fiction files member* over a year ago.

*this book is sort of a mascot to the fiction files book club because when we were still on myspace the author** spammed us with requests to read her book so one of the members ordered it, annotated it, and we began mailing it around the world. the copy i read had numerous hilarious little notes inside which made reading it a lot more fun. i added my own notes to the mix, of course. one of the annotators started a copy edit but honestly, the whole thing would be covered in red pen if you made a concerted effort. :)

**here is a link to the author's review of her own novel. she has very kindly included a passage for the novel so you can get a taste for it. http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/12570259

reading the author's review reminds me that i thought she might have been a nurse at some point.