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Log of the S.S. the Mrs. Unguentine - Stanley Crawford last night i dreamt that unguentine wouldn't let me pee. i kept wanting to go, i kept begging him to please let me relieve my bladder but he wouldn't let me. when i woke up i went to the bathroom, and thought about how odd but appropriate it was that my subconscious should decide that unguentine was the one preventing me from relief, that this character took on the form of my sleeping control of my body.

the language is very beautiful but this book made me blue. i give it five stars despite this because it also made me think. there is gorgeous creation and re-creation on this barge but also a desperate loneliness in the marriage of the two unguentines aboard it. i thought about them along the lines of adam and eve for a while, and it's easy to think about them as brian did, two suburban harpies, destroying each other. there is so little in love to trust, that even as mrs. unguentine faces her death, she is struggling in her marriage. and that makes me despair. love in itself does not seem enough. the distance and the destruction, the loneliness and the lies make me sad.