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Fun Home - Alison Bechdel i'd say this is a 3.5. i liked the idea of calling a funeral home a "fun home" a whole lot. this is a memoir in comic book form, alison bechdel telling her own story in parallel with her father's and how she moved on after he died. i should say this is a family book, and so not normally the kind of book i read, but i got it at a dork book exchange a couple of years ago, and i needed something with art in it, so i picked this up, and here we are. bechdel's art presented in minimal black and white, with bluish-grey wash, and is well-suited to the story she tells.

i wasn't tremendously thrilled by the cycling back style of the narrative -- i felt she'd get to a place of revelation and that would end the chapter, and then i'd have to take two great big steps back before she was ready to get to the next truth which was sort of small. i kept reminding myself that this is a memoir, that she is probably telling it like this because this is all there is, the small mundane moments between short and stilted revelations, but i still found it a little frustrating.

i guess that's why i read so much fiction, because i want more than the mundane. i want glamour and unknown twists, and heretofore unknowns. i want a lot of the moments that here, are only scattered softly through the pages that relate the story of a man who loved decorating his home, who was closeted, but at least had the opportunity to see his daughter embrace the lifestyle she wanted in a place far away from the fun home.