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Alfred Hitchcock Presents: More Stories to Stay Awake By - Alfred Hitchcock definitely not my favourite alfred hitchcock collection ever. the first story stalls immediately, a tale about a traffic jam of the future that was FANTASTICALLY BORING called "the great three-month super supersonic transport stack-up of 1999". sorry john keefauver, wherever you may be. it seems you weren't satisfied with this version either since a quick web search under your name turns up a variation of the story published in omni called "the great moveway jam" published in 1979, eight years after this one, which at a glance is infinitely more readable, and a children's book version in 1992 called "the three day traffic jam". but it's not just keefauver's story: a lot of this collection is, well, dreck. stories worth reading are: "the devil-dog" by jack london (better known under the name "bâtard"), "the homesick buick" by john d. macdonald (not his best by far but superior to a lot that's here), "mcgowney's miracle" by margaret millar (phew! thank heavens mrs. kenneth millar aka ross mcdonald doesn't stink!) "the nail and the oracle" by theodore sturgeon, and "the man who laughs at lions" john f. suter, perhaps sucking at hemingway's big game teat a little tightly but rewarding if only for the twist at the end. seems like they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel for this collection. the two stars are only for the above mentioned stories.

p.s. not one of these stories will keep you awake from terror: more like they will lure you to the land of lullaby with how lame they are.