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The Dead of Night: The Ghost Stories of Oliver Onions (Tales of Mystery & the Supernatural)
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The Land of Laughs
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Voyage Along the Horizon
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Palm-of-the-Hand Stories
J. Martin Holman, Lane Dunlop, Yasunari Kawabata
Leave It to Psmith - P.G. Wodehouse having recently read wodehouse on wodehouse, i think i understand why i didn't like this book so much as his later ones. wodehouse was still trying to understand how to manage his plots at this juncture, and didn't feel entirely confident in his grasp of all the characters he had and what they needed to do. as a result, the titular hero psmith is quite often overshadowed by the cacophany all the other characters made. it's not awful but it's not as funny as some of the others, and i wouldn't recommend it. there are plenty better wodehouse out there -- but it has charm, and there are a few laughs, and certainly hijinks, so it's not an utter waste of time.