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In the Train

In the Train - Christian Oster, Adriana  Hunter this is a very peculiar little book, and i am well-disposed to it because my colleague richard, who shares some of my tastes, is also its publisher (tonight is a night for reviews about books people believe in). it is a love story that begins on a train platform, and runs an odd course, with yet more train stops, before the end. again, i am hesitant to write too much about it, but it accelerates in pace through relationships that would, in life, progress along a much slower track. the back copy tells me it is meant to be funny, and i certainly smirked quite often, taken by surprise by the action of the novel, or the positions described therein, but i never really laughed out loud, but then i'm not sure if i was meant to.

i think i need to read it again. but for now, three stars and admiration for the quirky little voice that resounds here.